keep them warm !

keep them warm !



When you go through your winter clothes this season, take a second look at them with an eye for charity. Do you have extra coat that can be donated? Does your favorite coat no longer fit or are you ready for a new one? How about that pile of blankets at the bottom of the closet; do you really need all ten of them? Or can you sort through some of them and donate them to charity where they can benefit from your help during the cold winter season?

Where can you donate?

Your old clothes and blankets can be donated to local mosques, churches and charities that have a clothing donation program. Moreover, here at Resalet Nour Ala Nour your old clothes, coats, and blankets are always welcome. You can also check out our ongoing winter program where you can help keep thousands warm this winter.

Blanket :125 L.E

spread the warmth this year with us !!

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